Girls asked for nudes by up to 11 boys a night, Ofsted finds

By Nur Choudhury

The BBC published an article outlining the recent findings by Ofsted into the issues about sexual abuse and harassment that girls are facing in UK Schools.

“Many teachers said they lacked knowledge on topics such as consent, healthy relationships and sharing of sexual images.” What is clear to see is that Parents, Carers and Schools are not properly equipped in how to address these issues as stated in the article,

Involved Fathers has been working with Parents, Carers and Schools to help cover these difficult topics in a sensitive way, helping to improve safeguarding.

Last year we published the second book part of the ‘Difficult Conversation Series’. The book is written by Nur Choudhury, and address several safeguarding topics.

‘Let’s chat about your body & privacy’ uses relatable scenarios and discusses issues around body safety, exposure to indecent images (pornography), and sharing of images via social media (sexting).

There are several thinking points in the book which encourage discussion and problem-solving. This book helps children, parents, and teachers explore difficult situations and conversations in a child-friendly and understandable way.

The book is designed for pre-teens and early teens (marked as suitable for children aged 10+) and helps prepare children for the Secondary School years and the teenage years.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon

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