How to Survive Remote Work (with a Toddler or Baby)

By Janice Russell

Adjusting to working from home is a challenge for anyone who is used to working in a clean, quiet office space. But for parents of toddlers and babies, the lack of a commute is not the only obstacle that stands between professionals and their urgent work projects.

The good news is that remote working parents have come up with plenty of strategies for surviving the workday with their sanity intact – and their toddlers and babies thoroughly entertained. Check out these tips from Involved Fathers and start maximising your workday with a baby.

Skip Formal Office Attire

U.S.News suggests wearing casual office apparel while working from home, such as loose bottoms and a polo shirt. But if your role does not require video chats with clients or colleagues, there’s no reason to don full-on office wear. Even if conference calls are daily requirements, you only need ‘formal’ clothing on top.

For those parents who can work off-screen, comfortable staples are a must for keeping your cool while on the clock. Knitted trousers, T-shirts, jumpers, and the like are perfectly acceptable for maintaining your comfort. Plus, if you have lunch with your youngster or change a nappy, you can interact without worrying about the possibility of stains. 

Make Time for Fitness

Exercise might not seem like a priority when you have a handful of deadlines and quite possibly a handful of cereal down your top. With babies and toddlers underfoot, it is understandably challenging to make time for fitness.

But embarking on a fitness journey can help you burn off frustration, re-energise after a long day, and get a little closer to your fitness goals. You can even embrace a fitness challenge to help you reach the top of your game.

Another helpful workout support is a fitness tracker; you can track your steps, workout duration, and other metrics. Online magazine Coach suggests trying options like the Fitbit Inspire 2, Polar Ignite, or Garmin Forerunner 45. Select one that offers both aesthetics and functionality; not all will work with your other gadgets, for instance, and there is ample convenience in those that do. 

Prep Quiet Time Activities

For older toddlers, silence is often the most suspicious circumstance while you are on a conference call or are mid-project in a creative brainstorm. But if you prep quiet time activities ahead of time, you can rest assured that your little one’s silence is due to extreme concentration – or extreme fun.

Try DIY projects like:

  • Felt boards with cutouts of animals, shapes, and more.
  • Bagged tactile activities like shaving cream with food coloring or slime in a bag.
  • A button-up activity with assorted buttons to pass through fabric buttonholes.
  • Lacing activities with a range of materials and yarn or thread sizes.

Bear in mind that keeping the atmosphere at home soothing and positive can be a boon as well. Think in terms of decluttering, airing out the rooms, opening the curtains, and maybe even adding a few refreshing houseplants.

Take Baby Where You Go

Snuggling your little one might be one of the best things about working from home. But alas, you only have one set of hands. The solution is to use a carrier to hold your baby close while keeping your hands free.

Whether your little one is a newborn or has begun to hone their mobility, holding them close to you can promote bonding, says La Leche League International. Not to mention, babywearing can help keep your tot out of trouble while you manage urgent work tasks.

Remaining productive while working from home is a challenge for many professionals. And for parents of babies and tots, it is even tougher. Fortunately, with these tips, you can keep your little one distracted while you tackle work projects.

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