Islamic Parenting 101

Services - Islamic Parenting 101 Course

Providing useful, practical advice and guidance on a variety of topics, our Islamic Parenting 101 videos (YouTube Channel) work to provide convenient access to a whole host of solutions and discussions around issues that may come up in a Muslim home.

Covering a large range of topics, this webinar-turned-podcast discusses everything – from sibling rivalry to raising resilient, confident children.

In addition, a Facebook Group is available for Muslim Parents to post ideas, ask questions, and share beneficial information and advice on Parenting. To join our active community, visit www.facebook.com/groups/islamicparent

Music and it’s impact on children

Protecting against predators

Resetting Parents

Raising Resilient Children

Pandemic Homeschooling

Managing Screen Time

Sibling Rivalry

Instilling Values

Managing Behaviour