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Sometimes it can feel as though parenting is a solitary job – particularly if you don’t have people around that can relate, or help with your situation.

To solve this, we at Involved Fathers have set up an interactive Q&A WhatsApp/Telegram group specifically for Muslim parents, that allows you to access judgment-free, empathetic guidance from the experts at Involved Fathers, and other parents.

There are separate groups for mums and for dads, and any Muslim Parent is free to join from anywhere around the world. To join the groups please see the links below:

WhatsApp Fathers group 1bit.ly/fathers101 (if full please join group 2 – link below)

WhatsApp Fathers group 2 bit.ly/fathers101G2

WhatsApp Mothers group 1 bit.ly/mothers101 (if full please join group 2 – link below)

WhatsApp Mothers group 2bit.ly/mothers101G2

Telegram Fathers Groupt.me/fathersqa

Telegram Mothers Groupt.me/mothers101