Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) for Schools

Service - RSE Consultancy

A minefield of tension, understanding how to teach Relationship & Sex Education lessons in a faith-sensitive way can be a challenge.

That’s why our RSE consultancy service works closely with schools and parents from faith communities. Through consultations with both parents and teachers, designing lesson plans, and providing training, we work out a path to teaching RSE that everyone is happy with – a plan that follows DfE guidance, but is also faith-sensitive.

Involved Fathers has been working directly with schools and parents from faith communities to help develop the Relationship & Sex Education/Health Education (RSE/RHE) lesson plans and policies in accordance with DfE guidance yet in a faith sensitive way for Schools. This includes leading consultations with parents and providing training to teachers on the delivery of RSE lessons.

We design lesson plans and resources for the entire Primary level RSE curriculum. An example of a lesson plan can be seen below. If your school requires support and/or can benefit from our resources then please get in touch for further information.

We provide the following services

  1. Full Primary (KS1 & KS2) RHE Curriculum (Scheme of work, Lesson plans, and resources)
  2. Facilitation of parent consultation’s on RHE
  3. Faith sensitivities (Muslim faith) training for teachers and school staff

Involved Fathers have published two books as part of a ‘Difficult Conversation Series’ which assist teachers and parents to discuss the issues of body safety, safety network, safeguarding against pornography, and sexting. Both books can be obtained via Amazon (links are below).


Download Lesson Plan

Download Resource: PPT L3 – Danger

Download Resource: Thumbs

Download Resource: Hand